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January 16, 2023by HijamaHouse0

cupping treatment in HIJAMA HOUSE

How can Hijama Assist With Diabetes? Although Hijama is not a cure for diabetes, it can assist by detoxing the body and blood by reducing the toxic accumulated waste in the body and improving blood circulation. Hijama also assists in cleansing the blood and cells, resolving stagnation and blood stasis in the body.

In addition, according to scientific studies, dry cupping and wet cupping have been recommended for diabetes treatment. Conclusion: Dry cupping and wet cupping can be introduced as the complementary treatment methods beside other treatment methods.

Wet cupping therapy is beneficial as a prophylactic and/or complementary treatment for hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension and in prevention and control of diabetes mellitus and kidney disease, hence reducing the headache, chest pain and muscle ache.

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