How cupping therapy cures INFERTILITY,MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS ,PCOD etc.

This medical approach is based on the belief that there are different channels within the human body. The vital energy flows through these channels. As long as the energy continues to circulate, the person stays healthy, but when there are obstructions in this flow, these snags are manifested in the form of illnesses and ailments.

Cupping therapy can release these obstructions and cause the body to heal itself. This therapy is very effective in treating many diseases, infertility being one of them. Medically, infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child even after the couple has had unprotected relationships for at least a year and the Hijama can be a very effective remedy in cases, it also helps to increase Success rate of baby tube operations, therapy is often used in conjunction with acupuncture.

Cupping therapy or Hijama is considered one of the most important types of traditional treatments.

You will find below the main virtues and properties of Hijama as a form of therapy to improve well-being Detoxification

• Stimulates the lymphatic syste.

• Prevents and treats bowel obstruction (intestinal obstruction).Stimulates blood circulation through tissue massage.

• Helps to treat back, neck and shoulder pain

• Treats cold, hypothermia and numbness.

• Treats and prevents hypertension. Prevents and treats high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

• Treats gout and sciatica.

• Treats Infertility

• Stimulates the brain functions.

• Stimulates the glands.

• Relieves pressure on the nerves.

• Stimulates capillary growth and limits.


Hijama to boost female fertility : As explained above, cupping therapy can prevent problems in reproductive systems that may be the cause of infertility. Treatment helps improve the function of the body's organs, including the female genitalia

Increases fertility: Invokes ovulation and helps when women do not ovulate or when they have anovulatory cycles.

Treats polycystic ovarian syndrome Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Treats the absence of ovulation during the menstrual cycle.

Treats thyroid disorders.Creates the wall of the uterus and allows it to reproduce.Implants the eggs.Treats imbalances of the thyroid gland.

Removes blockages and inflammation in the fallopian tubes.Eliminates the defects of the luteal phase.

Treats endometriosis or problems where the mucous membrane of the uterus forms outside. elps to have hormonal balance in the body.Regulates menstruation.Relieves painful menstruation with cramps.

Hijama and IVF Treatment :If couples opt for IVF treatments, Hijama can help increase the likelihood of success and contribute to the creation of adequate health conditions for fertilization:Helps regulate female hormones,Mitigates stress level,Induce the ovaries to develop healthy eggs.Stimulates follicle formation in ovaries.Improves blood circulation in the uterus.Induces the formation of a stronger lining in the uterus.Development of embryos.Improves Immunity of Future Mother.Lower the likelihood of a miscarriage.Decreases the side effects of medications used in IVF.

Hijama and male infertility:The Hijama can be effective in boosting male fertility:It improves the quality of the spermatozoa.Help against prostate problems.Treats infections of the genital tract.Heals the inflammation of the veins of the scrotum.Help erectile function.Support for IVF treatments.

The Founder of Hijama House :-


After finishing her graduation in the field of science she went on to pursue a diploma in medical laboratory technology and also a diploma in naturopathy and yoga sciences. During her education she came across cupping therapy or which is more profoundly known as Hijama. She decided to do more research on the same and found that it can be a cure for most of the diseases people having been suffering these days. The more research she did the more her trust started building in hijama and prophetic medicine. She decided to learn the cupping therapy and started practicing the same soon after.

Post-marriage she and her husband Hakim Mushtaq Shaikh decided to open up various hijama centres in the city which would be known as ‘’HIJAMA HOUSE’ ’She has been practicing hijama since the past 5 years and has obtained great success. Having treated various diseases including cancer and skin issues successfully she has pledged to take hijama and prophetic medicine to every nook and corner of the world.

Hijama expert / Trainer

Extremely passionate about learning and delivering the benefits of prophetic medicine Hakim Mushtaq Shaikh decided to open up cupping treatment offering centres all across Mumbai. He holds a bachelor’s degree in naturopathy and yoga sciences and a diploma in unani medicine.

After giving up a working career in the United States he decided to dedicate his entire time in understanding the nuances of Hijama which was regarded as one if the best treatments for mankind by Prophet Muhammad. After doing a lot of research on the cupping therapy procedure he decided to heal patients with the same day in and day out. He has an experience of about 6 years and would continue to treat patients in for years to come.

With the grace of Allah, he has been able to treat diseases like diabetes, PCOD, Hypertension, bone disorders and skin related issues successfully. Off late he has been visiting various cities such as Kolkata, Lucknow in order to deliver cupping therapy to people from all walks of life. Not only has he brought in an evolution in the field of Hijama but has always had a strong belief that prophetic is capable in healing almost every disease be it cancer or obesity.


Dr Rahila Ansari is Unani Medicine and Surgery BUMS graduate from Anjuman Islam’s Tibbia Unani Medical College, Mumbai (2006). She had also Learnt Cupping Technique under Algerian doctor Dr Mohammed in London (2007) and Studied Dialysis Technology at Gopi Krishna Piramal Hospital, Worli (2012).

Internship completed From

Dhanu Road Rural Hospital (Mumbai)

G.T. Hospital (C.S.T.)

Kasturba Hospital (Mahalakshmi Station)

R.M. Oship in Siraj Memorial Hospital (Bhiwandi)

-Practiced Tibbe Nabawi and Tibbe Unani.

Joined Hijama House (2014)