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The inception of Hijama House took place in the year 2009. Hijama House is the first centre to carry out ‘’HIJAMA’’ or Cupping therapy in the country.It was started in order to treat patients with the cure allah created for mankind.They say that the prophetic way of healing is by far one of the best treatments and no other branch of medicine can match up to it ever.Hijama has been regarded as Sunnah by Prophet Muhammad SAW and the Hadith presents a clear proof of the same.Hijama is a word which has been derived from the Arabic word Hajm which means ‘’Sucking’’.During cupping a therapist applies cups on the skin for few minutes in order to create suction.It is done in order to cure inflammation ,improve the blood flow and also for relaxation and ones well being.

Though cupping is prominently of 2 types dry and wet , wet cupping is being practiced on a large scale these days.Wet cupping is a process in which silicone cups are applied on few points of the body for about 3 minutes so that mild suction is created.The therapist then makes small light and tiny cuts with the help of a scalpel and later the cup is applied again in order to draw out little blood.However only 3-5 cups are applied in one go. Read More

Hijama / Cupping Therapy

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Sahih Al Bhukhari

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Need of Hijama

Mr. Hakeem Mushtaque Ahmed Mohammed Shariff(DUMS D.C.T)

Diabetes v/s HIJAMA Cured by Hakeem Mushtaq Shariff

Mr. Hakeem Mushtaque Ahmed Mohammed Shariff(DUMS D.C.T)
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For Ladies Patients, Female Therapist Available
Personal visit & group treatment in evening